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  Where is The Ansonia located?
It is located at 2109 Broadway on the historic Upper West Side of Manhattan.
  How close is The Ansonia to public transportation?
The express stop of the west side IRT is 1 block from the building. 5 bus lines stop within a block of the building and cabs are always available on Broadway.
  What parks are nearby?
The Ansonia is 2 blocks from Riverside Park and 3 blocks from Central Park.
  What gyms/healthclubs are nearby?
Equinox is on 76th and Amsterdam. The Reebok Sports Center is on 67th and Columbus, The World Gym and The New York Sports Club are also nearby.
  What shopping is in the neighborhood?
The best food shopping in the city is on the corner. We are located across the street from the Fairway Market (the largest and most popular produce market in New York). Fairway has just added a huge health food and organic produce store on its second floor. Next to Fairway is Citarella's which has been the local fish market for the last 60 years and which has recently expanded and added a butcher shop and prepared gourmet foods. Additionally, there is a large Food Emporium in the sub-basement of The Ansonia.
  What schools are in the neighborhood?
The highly coveted PS87 is 3 blocks away and there are numerous private schools on the Upper West Side.
  Is there a garage in the building?
Yes. It is a separate concession and spaces are available for owners to rent.
  How many apartments are there in The Ansonia?
Approx. 400. The number is consistently reduced by combinations of existing units into larger units.
  How many different lines of apartments are there?
There are no two apartments alike in The Ansonia.
  What percentage of the building is sold?
68% is currently sold. The balance of the apartments are sold as soon as the stabilized tenants vacate.
  What improvements/upgrades have been done to the building?
Since the condo conversion began in 1988 the building has had new boilers, new burners, new roof. The electric system has been upgraded with new circuit breaker boxes in every apartment. There is a brand new plumbing system with hot and cold water supplied by new copper risers from the street to each apartment. Both the lobby and all public corridors have been renovated.
  What other improvements are scheduled?
The building is about to embark on a modernization of the elevators. This will include new computer controllers and refurbished cabs. This project is expected to be completed by the end of the year.
  How high are the ceilings?
Ceiling heights vary from floor to floor and range between 10 and 12 feet.
  Are we wired for high-speed internet access?
Yes, both DSL and High-speed cable modems are available.